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Hole 1

Pro Tip: Straightaway par 4; easy starting hole if you keep your tee ball in play. Pond comes into play if you miss the green long or left.

Par: 4 / Handicap: 11
Black: 390 yards
Blue: 385 yards
White: 372 yards

Par: 4 / Handicap: 5
Gold: 293 yards

Hole 2

Pro Tip: Tough driving test, fairway slopes right toward the trees with your approach shot into a long green. Be careful of the water long and left of the green.

Par: 4 / Handicap: 7
Black: 392 yards
Blue: 371 yards
White: 359 yards

Par: 4 / Handicap: 11
Gold: 272 yards

Hole 3

Pro Tip: This par 3 is a full carry over water onto a heavily undulated green. Due to the slope of the hole try to keep your ball short of the hole if possible.

Par: 3 / Handicap: 15
Black: 160 yards
Blue: 145 yards
White: 115 yards

Par: 3 / Handicap: 15
Gold: 100 yards

Hole 4

Pro Tip: For the longer hitters this is a lay-up off the tee; water comes into play on the left side with the green sloping right to left. Try to aim to the right and let the ball funnel to the pin position.

Par: 4 / Handicap: 5
Black: 384 yards
Blue: 374 yards
White: 351 yards

Par: 4 / Handicap: 9
Gold: 283 yards

Hole 5

Pro Tip: This long par 4 is heavily treed left off the tee with an additional hazard for the long hitters crossing the fairway. Even with a well-placed tee shot par is not a given due to the length of the hole. Mid to long irons are usually played on this hole into a well-protected green. Par is a good score.

Par: 4 / Handicap: 3
Black: 420 yards
Blue: 413 yards
White: 398 yards

Par: 4 / Handicap: 7
Gold: 336 yards

Hole 6

Pro Tip: This short dogleg right Par 5 can give up birdies with proper course management. The green is protected by water: front, back and right. Laying up to the water with your second shot will guarantee a good score but a high risk 2nd shot over the water may result in birdies.

Par: 5 / Handicap: 17
Black: 481 yards
Blue: 472 yards
White: 457 yards

Par: 5 / Handicap: 3
Gold: 396 yards

Hole 7

Pro Tip: This very difficult par 3 hole will generally play against the wind resulting in difficult club selection. Hitting the green with your tee shot does not guarantee a par due to the fact that this green is three-tiered with numerous undulations.

Par: 3 / Handicap: 9
Black: 191 yards
Blue: 176 yards
White: 147 yards

Par: 3 / Handicap: 13
Gold: 133 yards

Hole 8

Pro Tip: This long par 5 is protected by out of bounds down the entire right side of the fairway and trees down the left side of the hole. This hole is extremely difficult to hit in two with water and well-placed bunkers protecting the green. A good 2nd shot is required to set you up for a tough approach into this large green. This par 5 is not an easy birdie opportunity.

Par: 5 / Handicap: 1
Black: 581 yards
Blue: 541 yards
White: 518 yards

Par: 5 / Handicap: 1
Gold: 454 yards

Hole 9

Pro Tip: This relatively short par 3 can be misleading due to the fact that it is uphill. The Assiniboine river flows to the right of the hole and can come into play. Remember to hit an extra club and stay away from the right side of the hole.

Par: 3 / Handicap: 13
Black: 164 yards
Blue: 155 yards
White: 136 yards

Par: 3 / Handicap: 17
Gold: 127 yards

Hole 10

Pro Tip: This straightaway par 4 is tree-lined along the left side but is gracious along the right side for miss-hits or slices. Off the tee be aware of a well-placed fairway bunker. The green is very large and depending upon the flag position may be up to a four (4) club difference front to back.

Par: 4 / Handicap: 10
Black: 399 yards
Blue: 391 yards
White: 370 yards

Par: 4 / Handicap: 8
Gold: 249 yards

Hole 11

Pro Tip: This short dog-leg right par 4 can yield some birdies if the conditions are right. The golfer who attempts to cut the dog- leg will have to contend with two strategically placed fairway bunkers. The green is protected by several bunkers which are cut quite deep into the ground. Steer clear of them.

Par: 4 / Handicap: 12
Black: 412 yards
Blue: 387 yards
White: 369 yards

Par: 4 / Handicap: 14
Gold: 315 yards

Hole 12

Pro Tip: Playing 340 yards off the white tees this short hole has water down the entire left side of the fairway. A strategically placed tree in the fairway must be negotiated prior to teeing off. A good drive will leave a mid to short iron into a well bunkered elevated green. This is a very long green so please be aware of the pin position and adjust your club selection accordingly.

Par: 4 / Handicap: 4
Black: 380 yards
Blue: 362 yards
White: 340 yards

Par: 4 / Handicap: 10
Gold: 250 yards

Hole 13

Pro Tip: The toughest of the Par 3’s this hole is protected by water to the left, a pot bunker in front and greenside bunkers to the right. The green has a generous slope and is very large. Hitting the green with your tee shot does not guarantee par.

Par: 3 / Handicap: 6
Black: 220 yards
Blue: 208 yards
White: 179 yards

Par: 3 / Handicap: 16
Gold: 130 yards

Hole 14

Pro Tip: Although this hole is considered the easiest on the golf course it still has many trouble areas along the way. Water does come into play along the entire left side of the fairway. The water hazard does jut out in front of the green and catches many poorly hit approach shots. This two-tiered undulating green is extremely fast and hands out many 3 putts.

Par: 5 / Handicap: 18
Black: 498 yards
Blue: 473 yards
White: 434 yards

Par: 5 / Handicap: 4
Gold: 414 yards

Hole 15

Pro Tip: This second consecutive par 5 begins with a demanding tee shot. Heavily treed on both sides of the fairway this is one of the few holes where water doesn’t come into play. Smart course management is essential to making a good score on this hole. Don’t bite off too much on the second shot or you will wind up in the trees.

Par: 5 / Handicap: 2
Black: 585 yards
Blue: 574 yards
White: 502 yards

Par: 5 / Handicap: 2
Gold: 411 yards

Hole 16

Pro Tip: This par 3 borders the Assiniboine river to the left and is considered one of the most beautiful holes in the Winnipeg area. Although quite a short hole the two-tiered green is fast and treacherous. Hitting the green on the wrong tier will likely result in a three put.

Par: 3 / Handicap: 14
Black: 163 yards
Blue: 151 yards
White: 141 yards

Par: 3 / Handicap: 18
Gold: 99 yards

Hole 17

Pro Tip: This par 5 can yield more than it’s fair share of birdies and pars if proper course management is used. A fairly easy driving hole with most trouble left of the green. The green is protected by water to the left so remember to stay right with your second shot. The green is extremely large and an accurate approach shot is required for low scoring.

Par: 5 / Handicap: 16
Black: 500 yards
Blue: 493 yards
White: 475 yards

Par: 5 / Handicap: 6
Gold: 426 yards

Hole 18

Pro Tip: The finishing hole is a dog-leg left par 4 and is very difficult. Trees outline both sides of the fairway making an accurate tee shot essential. A slightly elevated and well protected small green also places emphasis on accuracy. Finishing with a par is quite an achievement.

Par: 4 / Handicap: 8
Black: 410 yards
Blue: 399 yards
White: 358 yards

Par: 4 / Handicap: 12
Gold: 322 yards

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