Dress Code Guidelines

At Glendale, our goal is for our dress guidelines to adapt to the changing trends in fashions while continuing to maintain a standard in keeping with the expected experience at one of Winnipeg’s premier private golf clubs. Members are asked to inform their guests of the guidelines in advance to avoid any possible awkward moments or embarrassment.

Golf Course, Practice Area, and Driving Range:



  • Golf shirts with either collars or sleeves
  • Tailored pants, shorts, dresses, skirts, and skorts
  • Neat, clean and appropriate in appearance


  • Golf shirts, with collar and sleeves
  • Tailored pants or shorts of an appropriate length; no shorter than mid-thigh
  • Neat, clean and appropriate in appearance



  • Athletic Leggings/Tights


  • Cargo Shorts

Unacceptable Golf Attire Includes:

  • Denim on the golf course, practice area or driving range
  • Sweatpants, track suits or gym style shorts.
  • Cargo pants (with gusseted pockets sewn on the outside)
  • Strapless tops or halter tops
  • Hats worn backward
  • Hats, shirts or outerwear with inappropriate or rude symbols or graphics
  • Flip flops or non-golf sandals
  • Any clothing in disrepair